Neem Auram – Azadirachtin Technical

SJS Neem Auram (Azadirachtin Technical Powder) is a proven bio pesticide extracted from Neem kernel. It is a brownyellow colored free flowing Powder. It is used as active ingredient in producing Organic Neem Insecticide that controls over 600 various Insects. It is Bio- degradable thus leaving no toxic residues. It repels the insects, prevents from feeding, moulting through hormonal interference, interferes with insect reproductive system, affects hatchability, and reduces insect’s fitness. The Bio activity on insects will be visible in 2-3 days after application.

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Neem Auram or Azadirachtin Technical Powder is the main ingredient for neem formulations and is internationally accepted as an eco-friendly organic bio pesticide. It is a biological product extracted from neem seed kernel, used to control a vast range of insect pests on vegetables, plants, crops, seeds, etc.

Action at Different Stages of Insect’s Lifecycle

Egg Stage

Ovicidal Ovipositional deterrent, toxicant, Egg hatchability growth disruptant

Larva Stage

Antifeedant, Repellant, Growth Disruptant, Deterrent, Molt Inhibitor, Chitin Inhibitor, Larval Toxicant

Pupa Stage

Growth Disruptant, Molt Inhibitor, Growth Regulator Toxicant, Juvenile Hormones

Adult Stage

Antifeedant, Repellant, Deterrent Molt Sterility, Molt/Chitin inhibitor, Growth Sexual Behavior Ovipositional Deterrent, Biosynthesis

Key features

  • Completely Organic in nature
  • Bio-degradable hence residue-free
  • Broad spectrum : Effective against about 600 species of insects
  • No known resistance mechanism that can be developed by pests
  • Safe Pesticide : Harmless to humans and non-targeted insects
  • Long Term Resistance
  • Stable under room temperature conditions
  • Cost effective
  • Soil Enricher
  • Repellant and Antifeedant
  • No poisonous effect on plants
  • Compatible with many commercial insecticides and fungicides

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