Neem Bio Fertilizer

Neem Bio Fertilizer (Sanjeevani, Sajjal)

Single product for every soil problem, enriched source of NPK in neem seed kernel, neem pesticide, macro micro nutrients, organic fungicides and water retainer. Good soil equaliser, protects plants from pests and nematodes in soil, provides nutrients which treat soil, increase root strength and improve membrane process and source of desired mineral to plants.

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Neem is also compatible with the microbes in the soil and improves the rhizospere micro flora which helps to ensure soil fertility. Neem cake also helps improve texture of the soil, the organic content and water holding capacity as well as  keeps the soil aerated for root development.

Contains nutrients like NPK ((nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) as well as nortriterpenoids and isoprenoids.

Effective Protection against Nematodes

Nematodes hidden in the soil destroy and reduce crop yield in the plantations. Neem Cake uses different mechanisms to help control nematodes and plant pathogens which are soil borne.

  • Neem cakes used in the initial stages of a crop cycle provides excellent protection from nematodes and plant pathogens. The Neem Cakes contains nortriterpenoids and isoprenoids which are nematicidal in nature.
  • Neem cakes release fatty acids, Ketones, aldehydes, Amino acids, free sulphur and carbohydrates on decomposition. These affect the nematode population because the metabolites are nema-toxic in nature. Increases the microbes in the soil parasitic activity on nematodes resulting in reduction of nematodes.
  • Neem cakes also acts as a pest control agent for insects and pests due to components such as salannin, nimbin, azadirachtin and azadiradione providing following characteristics to the soil : antifeedant, attractant  repellent, insecticide, nematicide, growth disruptor, antimicrobial.

Key benefits

  • Bio-degradable
  • Inhibits Nitrification
  • Safe, contains no Heavy Metals
  • Sustained Nutrient Release, work longer term
  • Contains micro nutrients and NPK
  • Controls harmful Nematodes and Pathogens
  • More Cost Effective, Lasts Longer
  • Higher Crop yield by 15-25%
  • Dual Benefits, Controls Nematode Growth, Provides Nutrients
  • Improves Soil Fertility, provides lots of micro and macro nutrients
  • Increases Water Holding Capability
  • Improves Soil Structure and beneficial organisms like Earthworm
  • Reduces Alkaline Content, produce organic acids on decomposition

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