Neem’s primary component Azadirachtin is also called as “Scientific Gold Mine” due to its interesting nature!

Neem Oil

SJS Neem Oil is extracted using carefully chosen high quality Neem seeds using cold pressed process preserving the natural value and benefits. Neem Oil is extensively used in variety of healthcare products such as for Skin/Scalp treatment (in FaceWash, Soaps, Shampoos, Toothpastes, etc), for Pet Hygiene Products, for medicines used for birth control and treatment of Lice (in hair), Piles, Ulcers, Asthma, etc and in agriculture for bio pesticide formulations. SJS Neem Oil (containing Azadirachtin) is available in 150 PPM to 2500 PPM

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Neem Oil

Neem Auram –  Azadirachtin Technical

SJS Neem Auram – Azadirachtin Technical Powder is extracted from high quality neem kernel. A yellowish powder extracted from the Neem Seed Kernels is Neem’s primary active compound and hence the main ingredient for all neem formulations. It is internationally accepted as an environment friendly organic bio pesticide. Easily biodegradable, it leaves no toxic residues and keeps the environment safe.

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Neem Auram EC (Bio Pesticide)

SJS Neem Auram Bio Pesticides Formulations are 100% organic and non-toxic for humans and animals alike. They are 100% Bio-degradable as well as safe for the environment. Neem pesticides work as an insect growth regulator,repellent and antifeedant. They affect more than 600 species of insects.  It provides a broad-spectrum pest control for fruits, vegetables and plantation crops, greenhouses, turf, outdoor ornamental and agricultural crops such as sugarcane, paddy, cotton and tea. Neem being unique, insects do not develop resistance to it and at the same time it does not affect non-targeted insects like Honey Bees and Butterflies.

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Neem Aza EC
Neem Fertilizer Cake

Neem Fertiliser Cakes

SJS Neem Cake is used extensively for soil equalisation and as a fertiliser. It is very cost effective and has a 15-25% better yield than conventional Urea based fertilizers. It can be used as a Bio-fertilizer and Soil Conditioner for organic farms, agricultural farm as well as home gardens and lawns. Obtained from neem seed kernel, they are very rich in natural micro-nutrients with NPK and exhibit brilliant pest repellent properties and high effectiveness against soil bound nematodes. 

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Azadirachtin is structurally similar to the insect hormones known as “ecdysones” which are responsible for metamorphosis in insects. Manifestation of antifeedancy by azadirachtin occurs through the stimulation of deterrent cells in  the chemical sensors of the insects on which the feeding mechanism of the insect depends and by blocking the feeding stimulation in insects by firing the “sugar” receptor cells. In addition to antifeedancy, azadirachtin injection also leads to physiological effects in the insect’s midgut, which causes a reduction in the post-ingestive digestive efficiency. These disturbances include hindrance in the food movement through the insect’s midgut and inhibition in production of digestive enzymes. Azadirachtin interferes with the growth and molting process of insects. Its ingestion leads to abnormal molts, growth reduction and increased mortalities.

This valuable pesticide mainly attacks the molting process of insects, so it takes 4-10 days in killing an insect, depending on their life cycle but its anti-feeding effect makes the insect refrain from feeding long before it dies.

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