Halo Infinite nehukog 3 months ago #1 Want to try for the LASO achviement and figured I can grab the scorpion cannon at the beginning of the game to cheese my way throguh. Though it . This can be done in Custom Games or in a Public Match. Climb atop the second turret emplacement and walk near the barrels. The only catch? You can find this right at the very first FOB you obtain!While many are claiming this weapon to be an easter egg, to me this is more a failure of the Debug t. Halo Infinite devs are preparing a fix for the Halo Infinite Tank gun glitch coming with Season 2 update, but many players are against it. On the mission 'Outpost Tremonius' - The third mission of the game .

This w. After that, select 'Mode Editor'. Scorpion: The UNSC's main battle tank is equipped with a high velocity 90mm cannon for .

In the ringworld, Zeta Halo also called Installation 07, the game introduces the main character called Master Chief.

No, the scarab gun is entirely different. .

And like the actual Scorpion cannon, the glitched Scorpion gun had infinite ammo.

Secret Outpost Tremonius Scorpion Gun How to Get the Scorpion Gun Anyone playing on legendary will want to pick up the Tank Cannon Gun from this outpost to make .

Halo Infinite's multiplayer will bring back classic vehicles from the series. Halo Infinite's glitched and overpowered "tank gun" will be added back to the game's campaign in a forthcoming update, developer 343 Industries announced Friday.

The weapon in question is. In short, it's really gonna mess some Grunts up. Chopper . Maybe the 343 people like the new control scheme and made the change because they hated the old one. Rating Teen.

Next to the first cannon is a dead Marine with a datapad.

Having that Scorpion Cannon easter egg will definitely help going forward but even with that you still need to be crazy cautious when engaging . Achievement. Junyszek announced on Friday that the infamous Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun glitch will be patched along with the latest huge update to the game.

Specifications [] Design details []. Tom, a Halo player who tackles ridiculous feats and posts the exploits on his YouTube channel, Simply & Slick, recently ran through Halo Infinite 's campaign on Legendary difficulty ( the .

343 Industries .

Halo Infinite is a game packed with hidden easter eggs and fun weapons. Also I switch to my other weapon whenever I grapple on the off chance I accidentally grapple a weapon.

The Halo Infinite Scorpion tank can be seen in the first clip in the Twitter thread atop a platform that looks to be some random testing area of sorts that is likely in the backend of the title. By the . Published: 11/Oct/2021 15:08. by Sam Smith. The M850 Grizzly is the only human tank capable of outgunning a Scorpion. The Scorpion Gun can be collected in similar circumstances and comes with infinite ammo, is invisible and fires explosive shells. It is a hidden weapon that players can obtain by completing a specific mission in a specific location at a particular time.

Relatively new gamers might need a few tries to properly land on the platform with the grappling hook. So, let's take a .

allowing the pilot to shoot the powerful main cannon that is rather slow but devastating and for a single passenger to man the main machine gun .

The return of the Brutes as main antagonists brings back Halo 3 's Chopper, and some of the previously covenant vehicles have seen changes under the new Banished regime.

343 had removed it at the .

Halo Infinite - How to Get "MEDIC!". Spartan Core 4 . 343, please, never patch this This isn't just any gun it's a handheld version of the Scorpion Tank's cannon.

2 mo. I was looking at the world of zeta halo when i found this insane glitch.

Yet, those were believed to be mutually exclusive until now. One of the oldest vehicles in the Halo series, the Banshee is the Covenant's pride and joy in ruling the skies.

Activate the data pad..

The hard-to-pull-off jumps ( like the "Pizza" jump) could.

Halo Infinite - Scorpion Gun / Secret Scarab Tank Cannon Gun - Easter Egg / GlitchMore Halo Infinite Videos:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBmi6vaTfD.


As the name may suggest, it is a handheld variant of the Scorpion tank's main cannon.

It is a first-person shooter game. Press the interact button to pick up the Scorpion gun. The Mongoose was introduced with Halo 3 as a lightweight ATV that can dash across the battlefield. Fans of Halo Infinite have discovered the most game-breaking gun in the game and you can get it before entering the open-world for the first time. As can be seen within Halo Infinite's campaign, the one thing that is most apparently clear to you is the practical /infinite/ supply of marines the UNSC has on Zeta Halo.

Use the grappleshot to get to the ledge where a pair of turrets are located. The gun wields the same artillery power as the tank, M808 Scorpion.

Halo Infinite is a game packed with hidden easter eggs and fun weapons. If he gets too close drop down the hole and then rinse and repeat.

Halo Infinite: Scorpion Gun Location | How To Get Easter Egg Weapon. . Well, in this page, we are going to share collectibles that you can find in the Halo Infinite Riven Gate map.

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Near the beginning of the campaign, there's a secret portable tank cannon weapon that is really powerful and you can bring with you through the whole campaig.

#Halo #HaloInfinite #HaloScorpion #HaloLegendary #HaloInfiniteCampaignYou can have the Scorpion cannon as your main weapon, making Halo Infinite a breeze. Grappleshot to the top of the ship. Deals massive damage to enemies (cannot hurt you) and has infinite ammo. The Scorpion is likely the more common, straightforward version of a tank with a massive cannon that you can use to deal heavy damge to other vehicles and AoE damage to infantry fighters. Halo Infinite will be getting back its "tank gun" in a forthcoming update.

Halo Infinite 's second Season also saw the removal of a fan-favorite campaign feature: the "Tank Gun." Found at the top of Outpost Tremonius, atop one of the artillery batteries, the completely. You can use it once at the very end of the level and then it is gone for the next level.

To get the Scorpion Gun, play up until the Outpost Tremonious mission.


Climbing up the .

An inquisitive Halo Infinite fan has stumbled upon an amazing game exploit that allows players to wield the Scorpion Tank's Cannon as a hand-held weapon.

The tank's primary armament is the M512 smooth-bore high-velocity cannon, a gun capable of firing 90mm tungsten shells and canister rounds with a three-to-four-second interval between each firing session. 7,634.

It comes equipped with a plasma cannon for troops and a fuel rod cannon for aiming at other vehicles. If they go to the anti-aircraft cannons to the far wall, they should see two cannons. The studio behind the game, 343 Industries, took a lot of heat from fans of the franchise for taking this weapon out of the campaign earlier this month as the game entered its second season.The tank gun has frequently been described as glitched. Halo Infinite was released a few weeks ago, and fans are now discovering that the famous Scorpion Tank's Cannon has become Scorpion Gun.

Do not play beyond it, though, since you can't currently replay story missions .

It's like how some games default will be inverted controls because that's what the developers preferred and used while making the game.

New York.

Source. The handheld scorpion cannon is a glitch in Halo Infinite that allows for the use of a scorpion cannon as a handheld weapon.

It looks like toggling on the 'Left Stick Control' option in the vehicle control options fixes it to some extent. Managed to get through the first two missions just shock nade spamming and firing endless rockets while inching along. 343 Industries. Master Chief might not return in earnest until December 8, but in celebration of the series' 20th anniversary, 343 Industries launched Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer a little early, as a treat.Now, we've had two years of The Master Chief Collection to warm us up. Currently, []

If you want to beat halo 2 on legendary, you will not find the scarab gun helps you very much, if at all.

Players using this gun can take down bosses and drop ships within several shots, which makes even the highest levels of in-game difficulty quite effortless to play through.

Walkthrough edit After exiting out of Outpost Tremonius into the outside area, head to the ship debris on the right.

Choose one of the holes and continuously jump over the opening from one side to the other while turning 360 degrees in the process waiting for him to reappear right next to you.

Halo Infinite - Portable Tank Cannon Secret Weapon Watch on 343 will also be adding back some skill jumps to the game's multiplayer maps. There's no way the scorpion was even tested, let alone PREFERED this way.

I will be showing it in Custom Games Head to Multiplayer then click the Custom Games option. It could also hold more soldiers than just a gunner.

Release December 8, 2021. Each of the maps and even the Academy have plenty of references and neat .

With each explosive cannon blast, the outer sentries prove they're not much of a threat, but my foes have prepared for this approach, and the narrow mountain path hits a blockade. For those unaware, the glitch was a handheld version of the Scorpion tank cannon players could find in the game's Outpost Tremonius mission by activating a datapad on top of a crashed ship and then standing on the barrel of a nearby gun battery. However if you drop the Scorpion Tank Gun it will disappear forever.