I'd personally go for the 10W50 in our bikes. 100% Upvoted. Probably irrelevant if your engine is in good shape, but worth noting. The 5w40 is more fuel-efficient than the 15w40. The warmer it is, the higher the first number can be. 10w30 Vs. 10w40: Which Is The Better All-Purpose Option?

If it's hot in HK you could get away with using 10w40 in the summer, just remember to switch back to 5w40 before it gets cold again. The first two numbers (XX/-- ) refer to the viscosity at low temperature, eg when the engine is started. The Winter or XW rating of the oil has to do with how thick the oil is when cold. These two are pretty much similar oils. As a solely desert rider (Tucson, Yuma, Phoenix) all desert southwest areas, I only use 0W-40 so the oil gets to where it needs to get to quickly when the engine is cold. 10w40 is ideal for keeping the oil pressure intact while with 20w50 the oil pressure tends to drop because of the increase of thickness in the oil. The main difference between these two engine types, however, is that the 5W40 can work There has not been any lengthy (or for that matter, recent) posts about amsoils 10w-40 product. This oil type remains thicker at 100C/212F compared to an SAE 30 high-temp flow grade and is more suitable for warm weather. 5w20 vs 10w40 defined. There are a number of oils which are recommended in vehicles with 5w30 vs 10w40 being very common. The winter viscosity number dictates cold-start performance. They boost engine performance, ensuring you get maximum power. A 10W40 oil will be thicker in the cold than 15W40 oil, but they will have the same viscosities at higher temperatures. When talking about which oil is better as a general all-purpose option, 10w30 oil is the better of the two. 5W40 vs. 10W40 Differences. So, if you are driving your car at a hotter temperature, this thick oil is an excellent option for you.

Both oils have the same cold temperature viscosity rating 10W. 0 comments. You could run for 20k and get the better mileage many claim. It has the same low-temperature limits as the 10W-30 but is better in higher temperatures. 5W30 is lighter, so it has better fuel consumption. Living in Az, I actually use a full synthetic 5w50. A benefit of 10w40 oils over lighter oils is that they provide additional protection. Performs well at temperatures beyond 0 degrees Fahrenheit and below 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll have slightly better fuel economy with the 5W-40 versus the 10W-40 because of the winter weather factor, and the cold engine percentage of many short trips. Perhaps the start-up protection offered by 0w40 exceeds the potential benefits of 5w50. 10w40 vs 15w40 When we look at the insides of engines, there are seals that react to interaction with the type of oil that you use for your engine. Similarly, SAE 10W-40 motor oil performs well in cold weather conditions. The working viscosity of 5w40 is 12.5 to 16.3 mm2 / s at 100 g, while at 5w30 the viscosity characteristic at high temperature is in the range of 9.3-12.6 mm / s. Oil flow. The recommended viscosity for jeep vehicles is 0W20, 5W20, 5W30, or 10W30. Temperature Range: The temperature range of 0w40 is -40C to +40C. Then we learned the viscosity and we learned what is the 5w30 vs 5w40 all about. According to the 2020 ford owners manual, almost all of their engines must be using a 5w30 motor oil or 0w30 motor oil. However, at extreme temperatures, the number may not depict the actual viscosities. The primary difference between a 5W40 and a 15W40 oil is the cold temperature performance. 5w will perform better in colder temperatures when the engine is warming up, but at normal operating temps, they are both a 40 weight oil. Saved roundsThe flats machined into the sides are great and a natural place to keep your fingers.The pen clip was a nice touch.Im a sucker for hi-vis orange EDC gear.It comes with a lifetime warranty. In reality, my preference is to closely look at viscosity test results because there we see what's going on more than the label oil weights. After that, it is pretty much the same as 10w40. Its 10W40 is the best example of high fuel economy. If you have a turbocharged engine, 0w40 motor oil should be your choice because of its thinner viscosity. Besides, we knew that 5W40 is suitable for colder weather. For severe duty service, use 5W-40 [3] For the use of biodiesel grade B20 max use SAE 5W-40 or SAE 15W-40 This is correct for all of the 6.7L applications; and I have waffled on this on my own PSD. However, when the temperature rises, both motor oils perform their intended functions (using the same viscosity). 10W50 is just a little heavier to give a little added protection after the bikes up to operating temp. This means 5w30 is better than 5w40. However, 10W-40 engine oil is more viscous in hotter climates and has a better temperature spectrum. 1. level 2. When temperatures are lower, the 5W40 is thinner than the 10W40. A registered user. Unless you live in an area with cold temperatures, there is no difference between 10w40 and 5w40. Yes. 10w40 is thicker than 5w40, it will not lubricate all the parts that need lubricating from cold. Youd probably be better of leaving the old oil in there than swapping the correct (but old) oil for incorrect (new) oil. Should I use thicker oil in an older engine? A: Yes. Thus, 5w30 is better suited for colder regions where the temperatures dip to 30C. So then, if you live in a cold climate then the bike may not start as easily when using 10/40 rather than the 5/40 specified. 5w40 vs. 10w40 Ford. Ans: No, 5w-40 oil is not thicker than 10W-40 motor oil. Is the 10W-40 better in anyway in terms of reliability and just overall health when it comes to benefiting the EJ motor in the sti? ). The compatibility of the emission system is better with the 5w40. Viscosity Index: The viscosity index is however less in 5w40 than 0w40 oil. 5w40 vs 10w40 High Mileage 15w40 "diesel" oils tend to have more additives (like zinc) as well as more detergents. Here, the higher the number, the thicker the oil is. Down here, however, my 450SL prefers 20w50. The biggest difference is, however, that the 5w40 can work significantly better in colder places than the 10w40. The 5w40 is more fuel-efficient than the 15w40. On the other hand, if you have a regular engine without any turbocharger in it, then 5w40 might be better for you because it has a bit thicker viscosity than 0w40. 10W30 oil and 10W40 perform the same at cold temperature startups. As the temperatures continue to rise, it might not lubricate the internal components as well. The only difference is that the 10/40 oil would be slightly thicker when cold, but in this country it doesnt get cold enough for the real differnce to be felt, ie -10 and below. 5 reasons why a 10W40 just does not do the trick anymore for modern PC engines. It is the less thick fuel liquor rather than the first one. The Synthetic 5w-40 just says that the 40 weight oil will maintain a 40 weight viscosity down to 5 degrees vs. 15 degrees for the conventional. 5w30 is less thin oil as compared to 10w40. If the oil is more viscous (like the 10w30), it will seal better than when it has a low viscosity. Fuel Economy. The 2 brands in question are Mobile Delvac 1 5w-40 vs Amsoils 10w-40. 5W30 vs. 5W40. The 20W40 oil is likely to smoothen the vehicle journey than other lubricants. Regular oil changes are much more important than the weight of the oil (within reason, of course). This is because it can protect the engine better than a broader range of use. 15w40 is perfect to use in an environment where the temperature range from -20 Celsius to 40 Celsius. We have come across and know that 10W40 is suitable for hotter weather. As a thick oil, 10w40 wont flow readily no matter how hot the engine is run. Whereas, 5w40 is used in temperatures ranging from -30 to 40 Celsius. The 5W40 is thinner than the 10w 40 at lower temperatures, but both oils perform their intended functions equally well when it comes to high-temperature use. Since both oils have the same operating temperature viscosity (30) and additives, they will perform exactly the same. The only difference is that the 5w40 performs quite better in hot environments. While 5w30 is much suitable to use in cold temperatures, the 5w40 is better for hot temperatures. 10W40 is the recommended weight for the average rider. A 10w40 motor oil, on the other hand, is derived from petroleum. So whereas 5w30 is a good option for cold weather, 5w40 is best to use in hot weather. Their base is refined crude oil, which is then blended with additives. Thats why if you want something thinner in the summer the 5w40 is the way to go. The 10W-50 has been out for a while. Furthermore, 15w40 oil is suitable for motors that run more than 60.000 miles. The main difference between 5w30 and 5w40 is that 5w40 has larger viscosity than 5w30. The word 5w40 is also an engine oil that indicates the weight or viscosity of the engine oil as tested by the society of automotive engineers. It lowers the engines consumption of fuel and improves the fuel-efficiency. Difference Between 5W20 and 10W40; Difference Between 5w30 and 5w40; Difference Between 5w20 and 5w30; 5w30 vs 10w40.

The second number is the operating temp viscosity (the number that matters most). With this in mind, you could still add 10W30 in warm weather, but you must know that it is going to thin out quicker than 10W40. In point of fact (using Castrol 10W-40 as an example again) It is way thinner at 40 C than Rotella T6 5W-40; 70.9 cSt vs 95 cSt. Above 100 degrees (F) he'd recommend only running 20w40 if I 40 weight is 40 weight and is just fine for hot climates. Therefore, they resist becoming solid at zero degree temperature. On the other hand, the second portion of the grade number describes the thickness of the oil. Which oil is thicker 5w30 or 5w40? 5w30 oil has a working viscosity of 9.3 to 12.5mm2/s and 5w40 has the working viscosity of 12.5 to 16.3mm2/s. Thus, it is apparent that 5w40 oil has more viscosity compared to 5w30. And if you are looking for a smooth flow and quick lubrication, 5w30 will be the best option for you. Colder oil viscosity is only affected by the first number (with a w). The answer is yes, but not straight weights or multigrades. 10w40 refers to synthetic oils which have a viscosity of 10 when in low temperatures and a viscosity of 40 when in the This two-grade engine oil is suitable for different environments and different types of vehicles. The best conventional oil for motorcycles is the Valvoline CHAMP 4T motorcycle oil. The forty is thinner, while the fifty is larger in diameter than the earlier model. The last two numbers (--/XX ) refer to the viscosity at high temperature, eg when the engine is running. However, both 5w40 and 10w40 motor oils are thicker than 40wt at operating temperatures in cold weather.. Additionally, the 5w40 motor oil is a lot more synthetic. When it comes to cost, 5w30 costs more than 5w40; however, its a valuable purchase. In the Ford manual it shows the 5w-40 covering a wider range of temps than the 10w-40 however the temp, range for the 10w-40 is still well outside the UK's climate. The 5W40 motor oil is a great choice for any vehicle that requires frequent starts and stops. The thickness of 5w30 and 5w40.

Your better off running the Delo at more frequent oil change intervals until you get all this so called 'crap' out of your crankcase 2L, Audi C5 S6 4 2L, Audi C5 S6 4. 10W-30 is a synthetic designed for In a colder environment, 10w30 engine oil flows slower than 5w30. Generally, the 10W-40 motor oil offers excellent protection What of 0w40 vs. 10w40? This strange phenomenon has both advantages and disadvantages. At operating temperatures, theoretically BOTH oils perform the same. That translates into better start 10w40 is an artificial motor engine oil with a viscosity of 10 at low temperature and 40 and high temperature, which is universally considered as 100 degree Celsius. So compared to 8.00 per liter (5w40/5w30) Mobil One ESP that is $31.55 per liter (current E to $ conversion) . Both the motor oil offers the same mileage and the performance of the engine doesnt significantly change while changing from one to another. 0T, Audi B8 S4, Audi B8 S5, Audi B8 SQ5, Audi C4 A6, Audi C4 S4, Audi C4 S6, Audi C5 A6 Benefit from our unique full range of oils, additives, care products and much more hi, personally liqui moly mos2 would better than castrol The internals of both heads and valve covers were spotless Liqui Moly Jectron Specifications and Features Liqui Moly The 10w40 motor oil can be used for fewer horsepower engines, and the 10w50 motor oil is for high-powered engines with a temperature above freezing point. That said, a 5w40 syn will shear less than a 10w40 conventional in most cases. TBH, it **seems** like 10W-30 is a token offering because to get into severe duty takes very little to cross that line--extended idling, using biodiesel, towing, usage in high or low temperatures, etc. The 5w40 and 0w40 have an edge above the 5w30, especially in moderate to high heat. 5w40 offers better start-up protection and the smallest bit of fuel economy for the initial 5-10 minutes of the journey. However, the oil can behave like a thicker grade oil (SAE 40) when the temperature reaches 100C. As you can see, the main difference between 5W40 vs. 5W30 is the viscosity in hot weather. But when the temperature is Both high mileage 5w30 and 10w30 engine oils have the same additives, the only difference is the viscosity at cold startups. However, they resist shearing much better than your standard conventional oil marketed for cars. Both oils are equivalent at operating temperatures of 40Wt. The velocity of 5w40 and 5w50 motor oils is the primary distinction. If you need a 10w-40, you can use 5w-40. It is multigrade in the sense that it can operate under two temperatures, unlike single grade oil which operates only at a single temperature. Full synthetic also tends to flow more freely when cold. Example, 5 = 5 degrees w=Winter. Mixing 10W30 and 10W40 Motor Oils 10w40 is more thick oil as compare to 5w30. 10w50 vs. 10w40 Volkswagen.

10w40 is fit for mild weather, more like the summer conditions that you will find in the southern states of the United States that are pretty hot.